Guiding Strengths :

I specialize in the art of reading whitewater. Due to my extensive canoe paddling and racing background, I have been looking at and breaking down whitewater for more then 2 decades. Also, I am quite good with a setting pole and versed in teaching this technique to others. I have learned this age old skill from one of the best, my father, Randy Cross who's nick name is actually "Madpoler". Learned fishing skills comes with the territory of growing up on river trips and my cooking has gotten excellent reviews.

Name: Jason Cross

Age: 32

Experience: 20+ years


Smoking Rivers prides itself on providing top quality wilderness canoe trips thoughout Maine and beyond. From relaxing Family canoe camping trips, to deep wilderness expeditions into the most remote river corridors in north America, Smoking Rivers has the best canoe trips option for you.

Specializing in fully guided and outfitted Maine canoe trips we pride ourselves on bringing the most enjoyable experiences to our clientele. Our guides provide expert instruction on all facets of the trip so that even people who have never been in a canoe before feel very comfortable on their wilderness adventure. We strive to make your comfort our priority while creating life long memories.

From Maine to Texas canoe trips our guides only use traditional canoe tripping equipment to create culinary masterpieces and pride themselves on their wilderness cuisine.

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Name: Dan Flaminni

Age: 30

Experience: 10+ years


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Guiding Strengths :

I  enjoy all of the different aspects of canoe tripping! Because of my experience with the Boy Scouts, I enjoy instructing paddlers of all abilities and especially the kids that join us on our trips. On all of our guided trips, your comfort is our priority, so I enjoy going the extra  mile to make sure that everyone in your party is comfortable. In camp, you'll always find me doing something, from gathering wood for that evening's fire, to preparing our meals, I always look forward to hitting camp after a hard day's paddle. And, while I'm just as comfortable flipping pancakes for breakfast or grilling a steak at dinner over an open fire, my real culinary specialty are the fresh baked desserts featured on all of our Smoking Rivers trips. 


From my first canoe trip at age 11, I have been hooked on canoeing. I got my start in the industry with Maine High Adventure, BSA as a trip leader and later became Director of the entire operation. In 2014, after years of working with the Boy Scouts, I made the decision to move on and work full-time with Smoking Rivers, the company that I helped build with Jason Cross for the past 10 years.

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You could say that guiding is in my blood. Being the second generation of two excellent canoe guides it was easy to see that the love for canoeing and leading trips was something I felt deeply about and from the age of one, my first canoe trip, I was hooked. The tradition of excellence that is my families guiding style has inspired me to build Smoking Rivers into what it is today.

You can not only get to know our guides out on trail, you can get to know them before you even hit the water. As one of our core beliefs our guides not only want to get you from point A to point B safely, but they want to make sure you have a fun time doing it! Scroll down through our guide profiles and start to get to know us.

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