Webster Stream Trip 

Webster Stream Canoe Trip

Scheduling trips for May-Sep.


8 Day Premier Allagash& Webster streams Trip $1950pp

6 Day Webster Stream and lakes trip $1650

4 Day Webster Stream Only trip $1200

Group and Youth rates available!

Custom Length trips available!

(Rates based off a 4 person trip)  

Our Webster Stream Trip is yet another demanding trip offered by Smoking Rivers. Traversing the rugged and challenging environment of the North Maine Woods, its small size and remoteness adds to the total experience of Webster Stream and will make you feel as if you are on a true exploratory. Currently, Smoking Rivers os one of the only outfitters leading trips down this remote waterway and our professional guides pride themselves on making the experience as enjoyaboe for your party as possible with superb cuisine, stories of Maine's rich logging history, and excellent paddle instruction. As part of this trip, your party will have the opportunity to catch trophy brookies in a number of world-class locales such as Allagash Lake or try your hand at spelunking in the fabled  "Ice Caves". The culmination of the trip is Webster Stream, featuring nine miles of some of the finest multi-day whitewater options available. Your party will enjoy the challenge of the whitewater and ledge drops of Webster Stream before savoring an afternoon of sightseeing at Grand Pitch and taking part in Smoking Rivers unique way of swimming, "Rumpbumping", in the tamer waters at the end of the falls. After Webster Stream, your trip takes out beneath the shadows of the majestic Horse Mountain on Grand Lake Matagamon; a terrific way to end a truly memorable trip.

Webster Stream Canoe Trips 

4-8 Day

St. John River Canoe Trip

Scheduling trips for May.


8 Day Complete River Trip $1850pp

Group and Youth rates available!

Custom Length trips available!

(Rates based off a 4 person trip)  

St. John River Canoe Trips 

8 Day

The St. John receives many accolades for its grandeur and sheer beauty but it can be best summed up as truly world-class. Roughly paralleling the Allagash, the St John spans approximately 100 miles through Maine's dense and vast boreal forest, serving as a vital environmental resource in the region it supports. flowing from Baker Lake, the St. John begins as a fairly small but lively stream before evolving into a racing river nearly a mile wide. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the St. John is that it is the longest free-flowing waterway in Maine; Therefore, the river can be paddled for only around 3 weeks in May, soon after the mighty Maine winter has released its icy grip on the north woods. This limited window makes you feel as if your adventure is heralding the arrival of spring. the magnificence of the St. John has been described as a racing river only a foot deep and a mile wide. From its humble source deep in the heart of Maine you and your party will plunge headlong into a river trip that few will ever forget. The lower sections of the river boast a number of large, Class III+ whitewater sections, guaranteed to keep even the best paddlers on the edge of their seats; (paddling experience is suggested for this river.) In addition to the enticing whitewater, the St.John is also renowned as a world-class musky fishing river. Moose, deer, bear, and eagles are plentiful along its shores. Our professional guides will assist you in enjoying this wonderful river by providing nothing short of the best wilderness cuisine, instruction, and enjoyment in the industry. An early season St. John trip is a paddling adventure second-to-none in the northeast states. Its large whitewater, continues currents, and beautiful, remote secenery make this river a "must do!" for adventurers and paddlers alike.

St. John River Trip 

The upper-lakes trip is the premier trip and begins with a series of 5 Machias Lakes that are linked by small, intimate and sometimes turbulent streams.  These lakes and streams are a great way to begin your wilderness adventure thanks to its lush scenery and manageable whitewater. upon reaching the river, our guides will work with your group, regardless of the experience level, to ensure that everyone is prepared for the whitewater of the following days. Broken by lenghts of technical, pick-and-choose whitewater, the river also features a number of large drops that are scouted and give you an opportunity to takes photos of your companions. These include the Class III+ Carrik Pitch, Airline Rapids, and the Wigwams. Smoking Rivers can help you and your group plan an itinerary that fits your experience level and desires. 

-The ability to paddle the Machias River is heavily dependent upon water levels. Spring provides the best opportunity to take advantage of these levels but trips may be arranged in the summer on a "as we have water" basis.-

Machias River Canoe Trip

Scheduling trips for March-June.

7 Day Upper Lakes and River Trip $1450pp

 6 day River and Lakes trip - $1350pp

4 Day just the River - $950pp

Group and Youth rates available!

Custom Length trips available!

(Rates based off a 4 person trip)  

​This trip is not for the faint of heart and is one of our most

Along with the St. John, the Machias is one of only two completely free flowing rivers in Maine, making it a premier Maine early-season canoe trip. Carved away by prehistoric glacial formations, the Machias River combines beautiful large stands of tall white pines and bountiful arctic-like blueberry barrens to form one of the most amazing geological areas in  the state. The Mchias, Passamaquoddy for "bad run of river" features a large variety of whitewater, ranging from Class II-III+ depending upon water levels, making it an ideal choice for spring whitewater trips and clinics. The river is fed by a series of pristine lakes, tributaries are world-renowned for excellent trout and salmon fishing at all times of the season and the chance to spot wildlife in the remote corner of down east Maine is always superb. Smoking Rivers offers itineraries of varying lengh and difficulties, featuring combinations of lakes, river, and streams. 

Machias River Trip 

Machias River Canoe Trips 

2-10 Day

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